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Oh – I Think I See It!

Posted on Thursday, July 23, 2009 in Wanderlust & Wonder


I am not sure if I ever mentioned before that one of our main purposes for setting out on this trekking journey was to take in the awe-inspiring, life-affirming views that people experience while trekking through the Annapurnas. It makes sense. This is the Himalayan mountain region after all.

Incidentally, we had a bit of a hard time actually seeing the views of the mountains. It seems that this was another result of the intense drought that had cursed the nation of Nepal for the past eight months. The sky this time of year was much hazier than it normally is. Typically by now, the monsoon rains have set in so every late afternoon received a fresh shower to clear away the clouds and reveal the gleaming splendor of the mountains.

On the morning of the day we would hike up to see the view from Poon Hill, we were super energetic and hopeful that finally we would be able to feast our eyes on the sensational sunrise views that everybody raves about. Normally, the view we were trekking all this way to see looks something like this:


So we roused ourselves at about 5 a.m. and headed out into the darkness to make our way up to Poon Hill. This was a bit of a challenge since our bodies and our minds were still wanting to be nestled up in our tea house beds for another hour or so. But we made it to the top and were able to capture one shot of the sun rising over the mountain. And that was nice. It was.


And it was gratifying making it to the top of Poon Hill, especially so early in the morning. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that in many other places in the world, Poon Hill would be considered a mountain, but since it is up against the backdrop of peaks such as Macchapucchre (22955 feet) and Annapurna (26,545 feet). From the initial starting point of our trek in Naya Pul outside of Pokhara all the way up to Poon Hill involved an increase in elevation of 5480 feet. So we were impressed with our effort.

And when we got to the top, this is what was awaiting us:


Yes, it seems that the five days we chose for our trek through the Himalayas was one of the haziest five days in the history of forever. But there was some degree of magic in the view we did get to see from the top of Poon Hill in that it reminded me of those bizarre Magic Eye posters from the early 90s that have some sort of hidden image lurking in them if you relax your vision enough to see them.

Wait for it…..


Wait! Don’t give up! Scroll back up to it and try again. Maybe switch the angle of your computer screen a bit so that the glare does not block the view of our majestic mountain range.

Or perhaps you need to turn off that overhead light that is glaring down on your desk.

Keep trying! It really is there in the deep blue distance. Trust me.

Well, if you need to, you can always scroll all the way back up to the photo I selected from google images to demonstrate what the view is really supposed to look like.

Or you can take in the view of the mountain we finally got to see in the early morning on the last day of our trek.



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  1. Tiana says:

    Ohhh. the himalayas..soo maybe you couldn’t see so much (though what you did was beautiful) but OHHHH the air up there! soo crisp and raw…. just makes your feel so alive! I”m soo glad you got up there…. now just come on out to Maine 🙂 (though we sadly lack real mts) Travel well my dear.. and we shall catch up in sept!

  2. You’re on an amazing trip – the photos are stunning, your blog is a great read.

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