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Sep 28

The Authentic Fire

Posted on Monday, September 28, 2009 in the fickle freckle

We interrupt the recounting of an epic journey to share a writing exercise I worked on recently. Studying the use of language and spunk in Nikki Giovanni’s epic poem “Ego Trippin‘”, we were asked to create our own version:

The Authentic Fire

Rumors of extinction abound
Whispers of a last dying race
I shun those hollow murmurings of a tired and jaded populace
The Movement is strong
We are here for the good story
The epic story that lasts
One heroic endeavor after another
A shining force of life

I saw all of the other colors
Brunette, black and blonde
And I shook my head and smiled
Reveling for hours at my incredible fortune
There is no greater happiness than the happiness that comes
From being a redhead

Others fuss and fight their nature while
I continue to find the blessings
There will be no extensions
There will be no self-hate or hasty dye jobs
There will be no Jose Eber Secret Hair

But there is a tenderness
Pains comes swiftly and crippling sometimes
For that there is scientific proof
Nonetheless, I am one fiery ball of reckoning
And I will be happy to show you proof

I fly high over the tedious and worn-out assumptions
Bucking stereotypes right and left
My temper flares no more than yours or theirs
My drapes and my curtains
Are none of your damn business

It began with curls and copper
And transcended categorization at every turn
It is spun gold from the land of Rumpelstiltskin
It flows with abandon like the mighty Nooksack
To force or tame it would be akin to slicing the horn off a unicorn
Do not tangle with the magic and the fantastic

I am the authentic, natural masterpiece
Earth, fire wind and water unravel through my glory
The past, present and future intertwine my raging locks

I mean … I … know the full meaning
Of this redheaded wonder
There is no stepchild to beat